Lapidary Arts is a unique enterprise. Working in a highly competitive field of gemstones and jewelry making Lapidary Arts and its expert team of craftsmen have found their own niche. We are different and we enjoy being different! But what makes us so special?

First, Lapidary Arts works only with custom jewelry design and produces the finest custom jewelry pieces. Our items are always one-of-a-kind. Buying from Lapidary Arts you can be sure you get something unique and done exclusively for you.

Second, Lapidary Arts and its owner Rick Otte work with trusted gemstone producers and dealers. We buy our gemstones. And they are later cut and polished on our premises by our skilled craftsmen. That guarantees their best quality.

Finally, working with Lapidary Arts is a very pleasant experience. Our craftsmen and designers always listen to you and pay attention to your ideas and wishes. So our customers are always satisfied by a perfect one-of-a-kind custom jewelry piece created by Lapidary Arts.