The Lapidary Arts crew is happy to announce some new additions to our custom jewelry collection! We would like to introduce a couple of items with beautiful high quality opals. Take a look at the enigmatic play of colors and waves of light present in these bright gemstones. We offer several styles of ring designs in different types of gold. Our most recent favorite, though, is this green opal ring in white gold. The gemstone’s deep green color with bright yellow and green flashes might remind you of stars on a summer night. It is like wearing a mini-galaxy on your finger!

We also adore this opal pendant in yellow gold. The smooth, almost “liquid” gold lines encircle the precious opal like streams of lava. However, the pendant looks very delicate, almost weightless. We have also added several sapphire and emerald items (rings, earrings and pendants) to our Lapidary Arts custom jewelry collection. We invite you to browse through our extraordinary collection online or visit our store to pick your next precious gift.