The month of June is fortunate have two stones used as its birthstone-the alexandrite and the pearl.

Pearls have always been a favorite gem in the Orient-they were a sign of wealth and nobility. They also thought these gems had a spiritual power that could release the wearer from vain hopes and illusions.
In Japan, they believed that pearls had the ability to return youth to their owner.
In ancient Egypt, pearl was thought to bring beauty and longevity for life to the wearer. In legend, Cleopatra wore pearl jewelry to stay young and gorgeous.
In the Middle Ages, pearls also symbolized fidelity and chastity. Pearls were often presented to brides, as they believed that they could protect the marriage from unfaithfulness and divorce.
Today, some believe that if you wear a pearl you will have sweet dreams, wisdom, authority, and happiness.

Alexandrite is a very rare and unique gem. It is able to change color-from a violet/red to a blue/green when held under different types of light sources.
It was discovered by modern man approximately 200 years ago in the Ural mountain region of Russia. It was named in honor of the heir of the Russian ruling dynasty. At first they thought it was emerald, but the color change was noticed, and they declared it a new discovery.  
A few years later, the gem was discovered mounted in jewelry that was found in the grave of a Turkish Khan. This find meant that the stone was found and used approximately 200 years earlier.
This had been the only discovery of the stone, until approximately 10 years ago when it was discovered in Brazil. The world was thrilled with this wonderful discovery-until the mine was emptied approximately 5 years ago.
In India, some believe that alexandrite changes its color in accordance with its possessor’s spirit, and can heal some serious diseases. 
Others believe that the alexandrite is good for relaxation and meditation. It is purported to be a lucky gem for travelers and explorers.

With so many different characteristics and types of birthstones, there are many options for the ideal birthday gift for any June baby.