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Gemstone Fairytales

September 30, 2014 1:20:03 PM CDT

Gemstones have long become part of folklore. Lots of interesting myths, legends and tales involve precious gemstones all around the world.

There is one Ural fairy tale known as "Silver Hoof".

It involves a mysterious deer who had a silver hoof on his right front leg. Whenever the deer stomps with this hoof, sparks fly and a gemstone is made, two stomps produce 2 gemstones, if Silver Hoof paws the ground a multitude of sparks fly and produce a cascade of many different colored gemstones.

Blue sparks make Sapphires, Red sparks make Rubies, white sparks make Diamonds.

The fairy tale involves a poor orphan girl Daryonka and her cat, who are adopted by an old hunter named Kokovanya. One night when the old man is away and Daryonka is alone, Silver Hoof arrives and plays around excitedly, running and stomping and so covering the old hunters lodge with many gemstones. Kokovanya returns in time to see Silver Hoof and starts picking up the gems in his hat. The price to pay for all the riches is that Silver Hoof takes away Daryonka's beloved cat. All that remained the next day, to show that Silver Hoof had been there, were green gemstones.
Both the old hunter and the orphan girl were now rich but Daryonka missed her cat terribly. They never saw Silver Hoof ever again.

In India, a violent ancient fable tells about how gemstones were created.
A Demon God Vala had overthrown Indra the God of Thunder and subdued all the other Demi-Gods. But he was tricked into playing the part of a sacrifice in a mock ritual. Once they had him helpless, the other Gods killed him and chopped his body parts into different pieces. When his body parts fell to earth they became gemstones.

Drops of his blood became rubies, his skin, yellow sapphires, his eyes, blue sapphires and his bones shattered and became diamonds. Vala's teeth fell into the oceans and landed on oysters where they became pearls. His intestines were thrown into the sea and became coral. Vala's bright green bile became emeralds and his fat, jade or quartz.

The significance of the story is sometimes given a medicinal explanation as gemstones are often used for healing.

The famous Tales of The Arabian Nights also have a few stories involving gemstones.


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Why Lapidary Arts?

April 2, 2014 7:41:33 AM CDT

Lapidary Arts is a unique enterprise. Working in a highly competitive field of gemstones and jewelry making Lapidary Arts and its expert team of craftsmen have found their own niche. We are different and we enjoy being different! But what makes us so special?

First, Lapidary Arts works only with custom jewelry design and produces the finest custom jewelry pieces. Our items are always one-of-a-kind. Buying from Lapidary Arts you can be sure you get something unique and done exclusively for you.

Second, Lapidary Arts and its owner Rick Otte work with trusted gemstone producers and dealers. We buy our gemstones. And they are later cut and polished on our premises by our skilled craftsmen. That guarantees their best quality.

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March 19, 2014 5:11:51 AM CDT

Apparently the most important gemstone characteristic is its cut. It can transform a plane stone into a masterpiece that would dazzle everyone.

Cutting, or Lapidary, is a process when a rough stone is turned into a gemstone assuming a certain shape to be used in jewelry design.

A good cut maximizes gemstone color, hides and diminishes any imperfections or inclusions. It should be symmetrical and exhibit good proportions. A well-cut gemstone reflects light evenly across its surface.

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March 5, 2014 6:32:05 AM CST

Clarity defines whether a precious stone has any visible inclusions or surface defects. Majority of minerals and gemstones have small inclusions. Flawless gemstones are rare and very expensive.

Clarity is affected by the visibility of inclusions, their size and number as well as their location. To measure gemstone clarity craftsmen use a Clarity Grading System like the one created by the Gemological Institute of America. There are different clarity standards for diamonds and colored gemstones. Higher relative clarity results in higher quality and price of a gemstone.

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Gemstone color

February 26, 2014 12:16:39 AM CST

One of the main characteristics of gemstones is their color. Color is the first thing that attracts our attention and calls to our senses. As we usually wear jewelry with evening dress it is better to choose and buy your jewelry pieces in the evening when the light is not so bright. This way you can see the true color of gemstones and avoid any disappointment.

The most attractive colors have deep clear tone and intensity. Among them are red, green, blue, purple, orange and yellow. Black and white colors are not so popular. Transparent gemstones in their turn help to highlight the beauty of a colored jewelry piece.

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Learn the Basics

February 19, 2014 10:13:50 PM CST

Custom design jewelry often leaves you speechless intriguing by its beauty and uniqueness. Perfection materializes in precious metal and gemstones. But do you know what stands behind it? Let’s learn some basics!

When choosing a piece of jewelry you often hear that, say, a diamond on top of its measures 4 or 8 carats. What is a carat?

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