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August 27, 2014 2:30:54 PM CDT

Enigmatic and intriguing Padparadsha sapphires immediately catch the attention of jewelry fans and gemstone lovers. Lapidary Arts introduces you to this exclusively beautiful gem.

Padparadsha sapphires are as rare and exotic as their name rightfully suggests. Originally these rare Padparadsha sapphires came fromSri Lanka. Today their deposits are also found inVietnam,Tanzania and Madagascar.The name itself comes from Sanskrit and means “like lotus flower”. Padparadsha sapphires are delicate pinkish orange in color, and vary in tone and hue. They are usually cut in oval and cushion shape but emerald cut is also quite common.

The most rare Padparadsha sapphires are truly natural and have never been artificially treated. However, these gemstones are often heat treated to enhance their color-which may not be visible at all. 

Natural Padparadsha sapphires are extremely difficult to find. This explains the quite significant price these sapphire jewelry items fetch on the market. For instance, a magnificent 20.84-carat Padparadsha sapphire was sold for $374,400 at Christie’s in June, 2005. The largest fine Padparadsha sapphire of 100.18 carat is displayed in New York’s Museum of Natural History.

It is believed that Padparadsha sapphire has magical properties. It is believed that it helps its owner to stay young and beautiful. The gemstone symbolizes true friendship, honesty and purity of thoughts.

Lapidary Arts Jewelry store carries a fine selection of beautiful and exotic Padaradsha sapphires. These unique gemstones are available for you to be made into exclusive custom design jewelry.

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March 5, 2014 6:32:05 AM CST

Clarity defines whether a precious stone has any visible inclusions or surface defects. Majority of minerals and gemstones have small inclusions. Flawless gemstones are rare and very expensive.

Clarity is affected by the visibility of inclusions, their size and number as well as their location. To measure gemstone clarity craftsmen use a Clarity Grading System like the one created by the Gemological Institute of America. There are different clarity standards for diamonds and colored gemstones. Higher relative clarity results in higher quality and price of a gemstone.

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