All over the country, this has been a long and difficult winter.  With the heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, we believe that it is time to shout out for spring!  Let's all get ready, and make it happen!

The Lapidary Arts team suggests bringing in some new color to your life!  Color can have a huge affect on your moods and feelings.  We propose that you make your life brighter by wearing incredible custom stone jewelry!

We know certain colors influence our emotions and health.

  • Red is believed to bring warmth and energy.  It awakens the senses, and is said to
    increase sexual desire and activity.
  • Yellow is believed to have soothing properties.  It strengthens the mind and helps awaken mental inspiration.  It cheers you, and increases your lust for life.
  • Green brings balance and harmony.  Its effects are both relaxing and energizing.
  • Blue is cooling.  It is believed to calm strong emotions like anger or frustration.  It brings tranquility.
  • Purple is the color of transformation.  It is believed to heal melancholy and increase spiritual awareness.  It is supposed to help sleeping and sooth mental and emotional stress.
  • Crystal white is all colors in one.  It brings balance and perfect harmony.  It awakens your spirit and raises your consciousness.

Choose your favorite colors, and we can incorporate them into jewelry pieces that you can wear daily!  Browse our extraordinary collection of colors to find the perfect jewelry for you--or we can create any color combination you desire!


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