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A few weeks ago, we celebrated “Earth Day”. Lapidary Arts Custom Jewelry would like to show our unique way of connecting jewelry with nature. We present this outstanding fossil pendant. Each fossil is unique in its shape, size, and color, so each piece is truly a “one of a kind”! This pendant consists of a 500 million year-old trilobite and a 300 million year old ammonite. Included in the design are faceted topaz gemstones. The setting is sterling silver. What a cool way to re-connect with nature! #fossiljewelry, #coolnecklace, #lovenature

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New additions to our custom jewelry collection!

April 19, 2017 12:01:47 PM CDT



The Lapidary Arts crew is happy to announce some new additions to our custom jewelry collection! We would like to introduce a couple of items with beautiful high quality opals. Take a look at the enigmatic play of colors and waves of light present in these bright gemstones. We offer several styles of ring designs in different types of gold. Our most recent favorite, though, is this green opal ring in white gold. The gemstone’s deep green color with bright yellow and green flashes might remind you of stars on a summer night. It is like wearing a mini-galaxy on your finger!

We also adore this opal pendant in yellow gold. The smooth, almost “liquid” gold lines encircle the precious opal like streams of lava. However, the pendant looks very delicate, almost weightless. We have also added several sapphire and emerald items (rings, earrings and pendants) to our Lapidary Arts custom jewelry collection. We invite you to browse through our extraordinary collection online or visit our store to pick your next precious gift.

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We at Lapidary Arts Custom Jewelry know how much you love your jewelry, and enjoy wearing it on a daily basis. Most gemstones are sturdy, and can last forever (with the proper care). Remember, some stones are delicate, and require special treatment. Here are some tips and general guides for jewelry care. *To prevent any chemical or physical damage to gemstones or metal, avoid wearing your jewelry during household chores, gardening, or any rough physical activities. *Jewerly should be the last thing you put on when going out, and the first thing you take off when returning home. Remember that creams and lotions (as well as perfume and hairspray) can damage some types of jewelry, and can negatively affect some types of gemstones. *Don not wear your jewelry in swimming pools or spas. The mortar between the tiles contains corundum, which will scratch most any stone or precious metal. Chlorine may also cause a reaction to some metals, and will damage many gemstones. *We recommend that you have your jewelry cleaned on a regular basis by a professional. Your stones and prongs can be checked at the same time. This is a complementary service that we offer free of charge. *Store your jewelry carefully in fabric-lined boxes or special bags to keep them from scratching or damaging each other. These steps and general guidelines that are simple to follow. We believe that it will help keep your jewelry in the best state for you to enjoy. If you require any assistance or have any questions concerning jewelry care, do not hesitate to contact us at Lapidary Arts Custom Jewelry.


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October’s birthstone is the multi-colored opal.

October 13, 2015 10:43:02 PM CDT

October’s birthstone is the multi-colored opal. Opal is a wonderful gemstone with a unique characteristic: the stone exhibits a full color spectrum rainbow of colors. Opals come in a variety of base colors- ranging from an almost opaque white with dots of color to the dark based black opal (the rarest and most sought after). However, the number of color variations tends to be endless. The majority of opals (up to 95%) come from Australian deserts. But this gemstone can be found in many parts of the world-including Mexico, Hungary, Brazil and Africa. The Australian opal has the lowest water content (usually 2%) making it much more stable and less likely to craze (cracking from within) than the others. The name ‘opal’ means “valuable stone” or “gem” in ancient Sanskrit. It is no surprise that this month’s birthstone is widely used in jewelry making, and is deeply loved by many people around the world. To demonstrate the strongest play-of-color – the amazing ability to flash different colors as the stone is moved– they are usually cut into round or oval cabochons. Opal doublets are thin layers of opal mounted on some hard surface that are also common in jewelry. Opal jewelry should be worn as often as possible, because it absorbs humidity from the air, and oil from the person who wears it. It should never be stored in a flame-proof safe or a zip-lock baggy. Australian opals do not need to be kept in water or mineral oil. For centuries, people have believe in opal’s healing powers. Because it has the colors found in all other gemstones, ancient Egyptians considered opal the strongest and most powerful of healing stones. It is believed that the opal helps fight depression and strengthens the positive characteristics of its wearer. It may also help to find true love. At Lapidary Arts, we carry a wide selection of Australian opals in many different colors. You may choose a pre-made design, or order your own custom-designed jewelry piece!

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September 28, 2015 4:10:21 PM CDT

September is in full swing, and we’re ready to tell you about this month’s birthstone - the amazing sapphire!
Some technical information first. Sapphire is a species of corundum. It is the hardest gemstone after diamond. Its brilliance and radiance as well as its range of colors and hues make it one of the most widely-used precious stones in jewelry making.
The gem derives its name from an old Persian word meaning ‘beloved of Saturn’ or ‘Sapphiros’ in Greek. Eye-captivating sapphire has been popular since the Middle Ages when religious people and clergy wore it to protect from evil thoughts.
Because of its wonderful color and extraordinary hardness sapphire is said to possess some magical powers. Supposedly, it fosters intuition and clairvoyance. This magical gem helps to develop a positive attitude to life and gives the person who wears it a sense of inner peace. It is believed to protect our loved ones, have healing powers and help to reduce stress.
Sapphire symbolizes wisdom and faith, truth and sincerity.
Most commonly, sapphire has blue color with lots of hues and shades from deep blue to almost white. You might be surprised to know that it actually comes in a great range of colors – yellow, purple, green and even pink-- every color that you can think of!
Trivia: the largest blue sapphire in the world is ‘Lone Star’ that weighs startling 9719.5 carats.
At Lapidary Arts we carry the highest quality of natural gemstones from around the world. Lapidary Arts has a complete selection of ready-made sapphire jewelry fit for any taste, as well as loose stones to set into your custom designs.

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The month of June is fortunate have two stones

September 17, 2015 12:55:35 PM CDT

The month of June is fortunate have two stones used as its birthstone-the alexandrite and the pearl.

Pearls have always been a favorite gem in the Orient-they were a sign of wealth and nobility. They also thought these gems had a spiritual power that could release the wearer from vain hopes and illusions.
In Japan, they believed that pearls had the ability to return youth to their owner.
In ancient Egypt, pearl was thought to bring beauty and longevity for life to the wearer. In legend, Cleopatra wore pearl jewelry to stay young and gorgeous.
In the Middle Ages, pearls also symbolized fidelity and chastity. Pearls were often presented to brides, as they believed that they could protect the marriage from unfaithfulness and divorce.
Today, some believe that if you wear a pearl you will have sweet dreams, wisdom, authority, and happiness.

Alexandrite is a very rare and unique gem. It is able to change color-from a violet/red to a blue/green when held under different types of light sources.
It was discovered by modern man approximately 200 years ago in the Ural mountain region of Russia. It was named in honor of the heir of the Russian ruling dynasty. At first they thought it was emerald, but the color change was noticed, and they declared it a new discovery.  
A few years later, the gem was discovered mounted in jewelry that was found in the grave of a Turkish Khan. This find meant that the stone was found and used approximately 200 years earlier.
This had been the only discovery of the stone, until approximately 10 years ago when it was discovered in Brazil. The world was thrilled with this wonderful discovery-until the mine was emptied approximately 5 years ago.
In India, some believe that alexandrite changes its color in accordance with its possessor’s spirit, and can heal some serious diseases. 
Others believe that the alexandrite is good for relaxation and meditation. It is purported to be a lucky gem for travelers and explorers.

With so many different characteristics and types of birthstones, there are many options for the ideal birthday gift for any June baby.


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September 4, 2015 3:39:25 PM CDT

Pendants date back many years, and were very early adornments. They have centuries of history and come to us from prehistoric times. The first pendants were used as talisman and amulets, used to protect the wearer from bad luck, misery and illness. Pendants were tho

ught to scare away evil spirits and bring a magic power to the wearer, giving success to hunters and granting status in the community.

In ancient Egypt, the pendant symbolized the heart as the origin and supply of life. That’s why Egyptians wore pendants on their chests, close to their hearts. The most powerful pendant was an image of the scarab, which meant immortality and a perpetual circle of life and transformation.

In medieval Europe, pendants emerged as the modern jewelry item it is today. They were worn more for decoration, and many original designs were generously decorated with different gemstones.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, every Royal court in Europe had many fashionable men and women wearing pendants. The epitome of elegance and refinement at that time was a golden pendant with diamonds. Nearly every wealthy and respectable person had at least one of these pendants. Alexandra, the bride of King Edward VII was the first member of the British Royal family to display a necklace in public. Her famous pearl necklace with the great pearl pendant created a furor at court.

Since then, the pendant has become a fashion main stay. They are the indispensable signature piece of every jewelry collection.

The pendant would be the perfect gift for the girl who doesn’t wear earrings or for a distinguished woman of any age. You can choose an extravagant style for a special occasion, or something more modest for enjoyment every day. If there is a special style or design that you’re looking for, you can create a one of a kind design at Lapidary Arts.

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Color Therapy from Lapidary Arts

March 2, 2015 1:15:42 AM CST

All over the country, this has been a long and difficult winter.  With the heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, we believe that it is time to shout out for spring!  Let's all get ready, and make it happen!

The Lapidary Arts team suggests bringing in some new color to your life!  Color can have a huge affect on your moods and feelings.  We propose that you make your life brighter by wearing incredible custom stone jewelry!

We know certain colors influence our emotions and health.

  • Red is believed to bring warmth and energy.  It awakens the senses, and is said to
    increase sexual desire and activity.
  • Yellow is believed to have soothing properties.  It strengthens the mind and helps awaken mental inspiration.  It cheers you, and increases your lust for life.
  • Green brings balance and harmony.  Its effects are both relaxing and energizing.
  • Blue is cooling.  It is believed to calm strong emotions like anger or frustration.  It brings tranquility.
  • Purple is the color of transformation.  It is believed to heal melancholy and increase spiritual awareness.  It is supposed to help sleeping and sooth mental and emotional stress.
  • Crystal white is all colors in one.  It brings balance and perfect harmony.  It awakens your spirit and raises your consciousness.

Choose your favorite colors, and we can incorporate them into jewelry pieces that you can wear daily!  Browse our extraordinary collection of colors to find the perfect jewelry for you--or we can create any color combination you desire!


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Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2015 12:25:34 AM CST

The most amorous time of the year is upon us! Love is in the air and the romantic 
atmosphere captures everyone’s attention!
Valentine’s Day is a perfect chance to celebrate the love you share with your 
partner. It gives you a long-awaited opportunity to open your heart and express 
your inner-most feelings. 
Love comes in many forms, and so does a Valentine gift. Let the team at Lapidary 
Arts help you choose the perfect treasure. 
Choose the ideal piece of handmade jewelry--ring, pendant, earrings, or necklace. 
Any of these will make the ideal Valentine’s Day present.
Make Valentine’s Day extraordinary with a beautiful selection-just for her!
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Custom-made engagement rings

January 29, 2015 12:33:28 PM CST

How to find the perfect ring for your perfect love


After all this time, you have found your perfect partner.  The one, special person you plan to spend the rest of your life with.  You are ready to take the next step and propose.

Now it is time to find the best engagement ring.  Every detail should be flawless.  The engagement ring is a symbol of endless love and happiness, of faith and devotion.

Of course, you can choose a ready-made ring, but what if you want to be really unique?  What if you have an idea for the perfect ring, but you have never seen anything like it in ordinary jewelry stores?

At Lapidary Arts we know the answers to the many questions on your mind. Create your own exquisite engagement ring! We are ready to help you make a custom design as unique as your love.

A custom-made engagement ring has a distinct advantage.  Having your ring custom-made means you can choose any design; you can create something with a classic or antique look, or choose something modern and dramatic.  Anything is possible!

When working on your perfect design, you must remember one thing: an engagement ring is usually worn continuously and for many years.  It should be durable, comfortable to wear and suit your lifestyle.

Designing your own custom-made engagement ring involves several simple steps.  Lapidary Arts craftsmen will assist at every stage of the creation process.

First, choose your gemstones. The classic choice is diamonds, every girl’s best friend.  You can make your ring truly special by choosing something different – a sapphire, a ruby, or even a green garnet.  For your dream ring, you might even choose to use sentimental stones that are meaningful to your family.

Lapidary Arts carries a wide selection of loose, natural gemstones. We guarantee top quality and fair pricing.

Next, we help you design the perfect custom mounting for your ring.  You might get some ideas by browsing our collection of engagement rings, or you might have a concept already in your imagination.  A variety of precious metals are available for you to choose from.  You may choose traditional white, yellow, or rose gold, iconic platinum, or white palladium-to name a few.

To make sure you get exactly what you desire,  Lapidary Arts Custom Jewelry works closely with our clients.  Our designers consult with you at every stage of the creation process.  You are able to review the design in computer 3-D, before the ring is cast.  Alterations may be made at this stage.

Lapidary Arts Custom Jewelry offers you a true helping hand in creating the engagement ring of your dreams.  Come let us help you bring your dream to life!

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