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Custom design

Lapidary Arts is an extraordinary business. Our passion lies at creating original, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces using fine natural gemstones from all over the world.

Lapidary Arts store owner, Rick Otte, brings best quality gemstones from Australia, Africa, Asia, America and other regions. Our masters create unusual custom design jewelry that can easily become a heirloom and a family treasure.

Lapidary Arts specializes at custom jewelry design where good taste meets talent. Our team works directly with customers to make the perfect design. We’d like to introduce you to the magic world of custom design and outline here the process of creation.


First sketches

The future jewelry piece - no matter if it’s a diamond ring or an elaborate wedding set - starts with a sketch. Our specialists meet with the customer to discuss the design, choose metal type and the stones for mounting. At Lapidary Arts we are happy to bring your own ideas into reality using pictures or photos of what you dream of. Our designers could also create an absolutely new, fresh design just for you. Using CAD technology we make first sketches of the future jewelry piece. They provide a clear vision of the design and give an opportunity to make changes and improvements. Sketches and any alterations to them are approved by customer.

Technology at work

Using the approved sketches we proceed to create a 3D model. Using cutting-edge technology of CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) our designers make a three-dimensional digital model. It allows our craftsmen and customers to see the future jewelry piece from every side and in minute details and understand its dimensions.

Wax model

From the 3D model Lapidary Arts craftsmen make a wax model of the jewelry piece that is later used for casting in metal.

Casting and mounting

Next stage is casting. Wax model is applied to create a setting in the metal of customer’s choice. Then we mount gemstones on it. Our specialists give the final touches to the product polishing and cleaning it. And then comes the moment when you receive your order - an original piece of jewelry custom-designed just for you. These simple steps take you through the process of custom design. Lapidary Arts is ready to fulfil your dreams and bring your ideas to reality. If you have any questions contact us at (972) 964-1090 or simply pay a visit to our store at 3400 Preston Road Suite 250, Plano, TX 75093